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Welcome on our Central Asia trip 2014

The first part of our world tour brings us to Central Asia & Mongolia. On this site we share our travel experiences gained during this fantastic trip. Our route brings us through Turkey - Iran - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russian Altai - Mongolia - Russian Siberia and back to Germany. Unfortunately our planned destination Tibet does not work out. Just two days before entering China we get the message that the Chinese did close all routes to Tibet for overlanders again. However we really enjoy this trip and our experiences.

The first highlight of the tour is Nemrut Dagi in Turkey. Iran is the most hospitable country we every visited. Turkmenistan is very artificial with the marble city of Ashgabat and the Dervaza gas crater. The old Silk Road with the cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarqand in Uzbekistan is unique with its enormous density of beautiful architecture. Tajikistan stands for pure and stunning nature all over- at Iskanderkull, on the Pamir highway and in Wakhan valley.
The proximity to Afghanistan is visible all the way in the south and most prominent on the Ishkashim market. Kirgizstan offers national parks like Dashman State Reservation, Ala Archa, Kegeti Canyon, Fairy Tale Canyon as well as the lakes Song- and Ysyk-Köl. Many overlanders only “transit” through Kazakhstan but the national parks of Sharyn Canyon and Altyn Emil with the singing sand dune, Eva, Katutau & Aktau Mountains are worth a visit.

After a short connection through the Russian Altai we arrive in Mongolia, entering the country in the north-west. We first take the south route all the endless, rough and dusty way down to the never-ending Gobi desert, explore “Yolyn Am” Canyon and the “Khongorhyn Els” sand dune before visiting crowded Ulan Baatar. The north route of Mongolia has a lot to offer: Mongol Els – Monasteries like Shankh Khiid, Erdene Zuu and Amarbayasgalant Khiid as well as Orkhon Valley & “Khürkhree” – one of our “must does”, Khorgo-vulcano and White Lake, the ancient Deer Stones and our next “must do” Lake Hovsgol - “The blue pearl”.

Before heading west we spend some time at Lake Baikal and on beautiful Olkhon Island. In the middle of the Siberian landscape we visit Tomsk with its wooden houses; cross the Ural mountains, cross Moscow and enter the EU in Latvia. All in all we were luck to experience an unforgettable adventure.

On this website you will find our travel reports, camp places, photo galleries, gps data and useful tips based on our overland travel experiences. We like to take side roads and discover places aside from the typical travel book highlights. We love sharing our impressions and knowledge gained along the way. We hope this is a source of information for people planning the same type of travel.

الصداقة بين الثقافات
Дружба между культурами
La amistad entre las culturas
Friendship between cultures

Heike & Danny Debaets

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